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Who are we? textbuster.net is a service that helps connect people searching for the perfect content with those professionals who proofread it every day. We ourselves often encounter problems with creating the perfect business letter or a memo, which will be clear for everyone. Our writers are always there to help and choosing the most experienced in a particular subject is half the fun.
What do we do? We assist those in need of writing help in finding a solution. Not everyone expects much writing when taking a job but sometimes the success of a project depends on the visualized presentation or a creative proposal. Our writers understand just how to pull the right strings with the right words to get you the results you need.
How it all started It all started with two friends: a tech genius and a writing expert. Together they were able to create the perfect proposal and find the funding for a project which would help others find the writing help they need. Today, textbuster.net is a platform which connects thousands of content-seekers with the best writers all over the world. In our time of ultra-speed, getting your point across quickly and clearly is vital for everyone’s success.
Your writing help from professionals We understand that things at work aren’t always planned in advance. Sometimes you need that presentation for tomorrow or even in just a couple of hours. Our flexible deadline system allows you to find a writer, who is online and ready to get started on your order right away. Moreover, as our writers work from both the UK, US, Australia and Canada, there is sure to be a writer available in your time zone, wherever in the world you are!
Our Experts Many of our writers combine their day jobs with part-time writing for textbuster.net. That means that they work in the crazy business world and know exactly what is needed for the perfect presentation or social media post, successful SEO-article, and a classy press release. While each is proficient in a particular field of writing, with the option of choosing the writer yourself, you are free to consult several writers even before making the payment.
Our Vision We aim to help those who need writing help with those who are experts at it. The combination will surely lead to success of both sides, which is our main priority. No need to take our word for it. Register and start chatting with our writers today!

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