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A research paper is an essay which shows your own interpretation of any topic. When you write an essay, you try to cover everything that you are aware of and think about a subject. A research paper should be based on what you exactly know about the subject and make some attempts to understand what experts in this particular topic know. A research paper includes a set of investigations in a field of knowledge you are not expert in to find the perfect information which can be helpful. However, the result of your work cannot be used in a proper way because it may show some mistakes or falsely interpreted data.

You should understand that a research paper cannot be recognized as an encyclopedia which contains all details you have found about your topic. It cannot be also considered as a review collected from different books, journals and articles, which summarizes all information about your subject. For many people, research paper is determined as a part of analytical essay writing, where you are looking for some tips that present you experts for the given topic. At the same time, you compare their thoughts and propositions with your opinions or insights.

A research paper offers you the way to cooperate with others in order to fill a field of a research, to append your opinion to ongoing conversations. You may do that while showing your personal analysis, argument or interpretation supported by proper evidences taken from your own research. However, you can just buy essay online instead of conducting your own research. Let us go deeper to analyze it.

Truly speaking, sometimes it is necessary to do so-called secondary research. To determine, a secondary research is a way to understand all the knowledge presented by other people about a subject. A few well-known approaches of secondary research are reading articles and books, interviewing professionals in a field, or using audios and videos.

Some study programs want you to conduct primary research instead of secondary research, which means that you have to find some original content. For instance, scientists do primary research while they are performing experiments and making observations, at that time social workers are engaged in a field research, such as sharing surveys or questionnaires, collecting individuals' opinions, and interviewing some people for their purposes. Primary research techniques are used directly by online essay help, in which experts in a field explore original documents and sources, look for proper references and collect data.

Research papers are divided into two types, the first type is an analytical and the second is an argumentative research paper.

Analytical research papers (known as informational or exploratory) represent information about a particular topic and display your reader all the data you have found. If you have found different opinions or statements, you should describe them both; if you have found two controversial opinions, you may explain thoughts of that two. The most valuable part of an analytical paper is the first statement, which is recognized as the core of your paper. To formulate this statement you may surf the Internet by indicating best essays for sale. Most of them include some perfect samples to start your essay with.

When we speak about argumentative research papers, it's also obligatory to indicate the main issue. But nevertheless, you should try to assure your reader to adopt your opinion. Can we find a difference between an argumentative and an analytical research paper? Yes, of course. They both should follow the thesis, however, in an argumentative essay, you have to support the thesis statement with evidences found in your research. In addition, your thesis statement in this case has to be a presentation of your opinion on the topic.

An example of an analytical thesis statement: “An analysis of fire ants features and behavior reveals so-called raft building: «hydrophobic» ants create life rafts.” It is obvious that the reader will be waiting for an explanation of the fire ants features and an explanation of ants' behavior on building life rafts.

An example of an argumentative thesis statement: “American children should exclude any consumption of fast food because it leads to serious health problems, such as obesity or heart diseases.” It is predictable that there would be some arguments supporting the issue about diseases caused by fast food.

In any case, your research paper should show your position on the topic, which is supported by conclusions of experts and evidences collected from different resources about a subject. In fact, it's not easy to write a research paper by yourself. There is a much more easier way by using a cheap term paper writer. All writers, who are experts in writing analytical and argumentative research papers, think critically about the given topic and sources they find. Text busters collects the best writers in one place just to present you perfect research papers ever!